Para fazer jornalismo comunitário, The Local

O novo serviço de open source do New York Times chama-se The Local. A princípio, restrito a Clinton Hill e Fort Greene, Brooklyn, N.Y., e Maplewood, Millburn South Orange, N.J, o projeto(ainda em testes) permite aos moradores daqueles bairros postar notas e fotos com dicas de lazer, esporte, restaurante e cotidiano:
  • Calls for citizen engagement, such as posts that mobilize users to research or resolve a local problem.
  • Creative works by people in the communities, including short films, poetry, sermons, book chapters, short stories and multimedia artwork.
  • Community contributors posting on topics such as the challenge of running a small business during the economic downturn, keeping a green home, local fitness opportunities and the small pleasures of neighborhood life.
  • Questions and Answers with interesting and important people in the communities.
  • A virtual refrigerator of art submitted by neighborhood children.
  • A calendar of neighborhood events submitted by users.
  • Announcements of lifecycle events submitted by users, including wedding announcements, photos, news tips and death notices.
  • “SeeClickFix,” an online service created by developers and entrepreneurs in New Haven, Conn., that encourages users to improve their neighborhood in three steps: See – a nonemergency issue in your neighborhood; Click – open a ticket describing the issue and what can be done to resolve it; Fix – publicly report the issue’s resolution.
  • Local Real Estate – a map-based module linking to The Times’s real estate site that shows properties for sale or rent in the relevant communities.
You can access The Local by visiting the following addresses:
Clinton Hill
Fort Greene
South Orange
Do New York Times

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