O banner já era

“The sparkle of banner advertising has dimmed, Borrell Associates said in its 2009 outlook report. Advertisers are turning their attention toward newly sparkling formats that may hold greater efficiency like search and streaming video”, diz o relatório do State of The News Media.

and more:
  • It is now obvious that if the news business is to survive in any recognizable form it must invent a new economic model in which traditional advertising is at best only part of the revenue equation.
  • David Payne, former senior vice president and general manager of CNN.com, warned that news organizations will be disappointed if they are expecting online ad revenues to make up for the traditional sources of revenue they have long counted on. Payne wrote in a column for Media Week: “it should be no secret that news organizations — even those with the most successful online properties — are in for some serious adjustments in the future. Most have the vast majority of their budgets tied up in headcount and newsgathering. When there is pressure on those budgets in a declining revenue state, heads roll and newsgathering is slashed, initiating an ugly spiral.


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