The propaganda newspapers

Acha esse cenário absurdo:?
Imagine for a moment that you are Gordon Brown. Angry at the “negative” news agenda of the press, you spend large sums of public money to destroy it.
You start several newspapers of your own, hiring experienced journalists and well-known columnists with big public followings.
You fill your newspapers with nearly everything people buy papers for – news, features, property pages, what’s-on guides, even crumpet – and you do it well.
Only a few things are missing from your newspapers – anything whatever that reflects badly on you, and any mention at all of your political opponents.
You offer taxpayer-subsidised advertising rates that your commercial rivals cannot match. You deliver your newspapers free of charge to everyone – unlike your competitor papers, for which everyone still has to pay.
One after another, they shrivel and die. Eventually, as in the former East Germany, the only news available is that provided by your government-controlled newspapers.
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