10 perguntas para o editor da Wired

O editor da Wired, Chris Anderson, desmonta, em entrevista ao gapingvoid, a economia em torno da rede. Para Anderson, quase tudo na web está free. O jornalista compara os modelos de negócio dos séculos 20 (simple cross-subsidies–you’re paying, sooner or later) e 21 (wildly indirect cross-subsidies–somebody’s paying, but it’s probably not you) e afirma que a economia digital vai operar no “Freemium” (free+premium) .
A lógica é a de que alguém vai pagar (anúncio, patrocínio or whatever) para que outros possam acessar conteúdo de graça:
“The main problem with professional media is that we’ve lost our quasi-monopoly on consumer attention. What’s worse, we’ve lost it to an indistinct cloud of mostly non-media voices, from blogs to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube. These amateurs, mostly producing without any interest in a business model at all, are narrow where we are mass, many where we are few and free where we are paid. They are not media but they compete with media. That’s why strict adherence to terms doesn’t help–it’s fifth column vs fourth estate!
I think that this is a moment where the sacred vocabulary of professional media (journalism, news, etc), which we use as incantations to differentiate ourselves from the unwashed horde, now obscure the path forward more than illuminate it. Some of what we do still has great value and perhaps always will: original information, accuracy, analysis, great writing, edtiting, etc. But it is arrogant to assume that only we can do that stuff, or that we know best what’s fit to print.
I don’t know what the future of professional media is, but I am sure there is one and am excited to participate in the many experiments that will reveal what it is (obviously there is no one model or a silver bullet solution–instead the future is going to messy and multivariate, which is why it’s so scary for many). One thing that is sure is that it’s not hoping change will stop or wishing to reverse the tides of history.”
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