iPad: Interface metaphors in 2010

Vale a pena reproduzir o que Lev Manovich (com os comentários) escreveu no Facebook nesta terça, 6, sobre iPad e a metáfora da interface: 

In the 1980s, GUI was justified using a simplistic idea that since computers are unfamiliar to people, we shoud help them by making interface “intuitive” by making it mimic something users are already well familiar with – the physical world outside of a computer (which in reality was an office environment with folders, desks, printers, etc.)

Surprisingly, even in 2010 – when “born digital” generations start using computer devices even before they ever set their feet in any office – this idea is still used to explain GUI.

For example, Apple iPhone Human Interface guidelines (March 2010) advise developers: “When possible, model your application’s objects and actions on objects and actions in the real world. This technique especially helps novice users quickly grasp how your application works. Folders are a classic software metaphor. People file things in folders in the real world, so they immediately understand the idea of putting data into folders on a computer.”

The irony of this statement is that these Interface guidelines are also aimed at the developers of iPad – which clearly represents yet another step in migration from the world of physical print to all-digital environment.


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