iPad app planning


De volta à remediação: para Mario García, o jornal que vai dentro do iPad tem de “ecoar elementos do papel e do online”. E o ponto de partida é pensar a arquitetura da informação, pois o grande desafio é criar uma edição comprimida:

“What are the elements that tablets can offer, which you could not find in print or online editions? In my view, the tablet is made to be a companion with which one can relax, as we do with paper. It does not have the sense of urgency that we attach to reading online, or the tediousness of it. After all, whatever focus groups or research we do these days, we hear that reading online is equated to work, while reading on paper is more of a leisure activity. In that sense, tablets are akin to print.”

sobre arquitetura da informação, García não propõe nada de novo:

“Do a good planning session on information architecture before you do anything else.  Visual dynamics are important on the tablet, but the design process itself must be heavily templated.  You got it: the tablet relies on good storytelling and magnificent photographic choices for its impact. Nothing new here as far as I am concerned.It will, however, required very sharp editors and photographers, something that is never in ample supply in many newsrooms.”


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