The Digital Landscape: What’s Next for News?


Do Nielman Reports:

Journalism resides in the technological landscape of its time. Whether on parchment or paper, via the telegraph, radio waves, or TV signals, significant occurrences and utterances of a community have been revealed through words, written or spoken, and images, drawn, filmed or photographed by the people observing them. In thinking about the telegraph’s effect on 19th century communication, the late James W. Carey noted that by rendering geography irrelevant, what had been a personal connection of journalist to readers was severed. And the constraints of transmission, Carey wrote, “made prose lean and unadorned,” while at the same time words were tugged away from their colloquial roots and pushed toward a style striving for the tone of objectivity. Familiarity no long seemed the right touch with the expanding breadth of audience. All of this, Carey concluded, “led to a fundamental change in news.


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