Top 10 newspaper websites by reach


The Media Audit, a Houston-based local-market, multimedia and marketing research company, has announced its findings for the top U.S. newspaper-affiliated Websites, based on its “daily newspaper and Website reach analysis.”

The top three positions went to Advance Publications sites in Ann Arbor, Mich., New Orleans and Syracuse, N.Y. Websites for the Ann Arbor market,, reach 56% of all adults in the Ann Arbor MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) in a 30-day period; reaches over 53% of all adults; and reaches slightly less than 49% of the market.

The, a perennial strong performer with 47% market penetration, and, Lee Enterprises’ strongest Website, with a 43% reach, round out the Media Audit’s top five.

More competitive were positions 6 through 10, which were separated by tenths of a point. Advance added two papers, with M-Live in Grand Rapids reaching 39.7% and sister website pulled 39.2% of Birmingham adults for seventh and eight places, respectively. Gannett took number 5 with 40.7% reach of adults in Reno, Nevada. In Allentown, Pa., Tribune Co.’s came in at 9, with a 39.1% reach, and Hearst’s in Albany, N.Y., rounded out the top 10, with 38.6%.

“The reach of many of the top Websites shows that the Web continues to be a great opportunity for newspapers,” Media Audit President Bob Jordan, said in an Oct. 4 news release.

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