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Top twitter trends of 2010

“Twitter has analyzed the 25 billion tweets sent in 2010 and published the list of top overall trends in the year behind us, as well as the top 10 trending topics in eight categories: News Events, People, Movies, Television, Technology, World Cup, Sports and Hashtags.
Twitter’s top ten overall trends actually paint quite a good picture of what the world was interested in in 2010; definitely more so than Google’s list of the fastest rising search topics.
The Gulf oil spill and the Haiti Earthquake were definitely among the biggest news stories of the year. The FIFA World Cup, the accompanying vuvuzelas, and the psychic octopus Paul captured the attention of almost the entire world for a couple of months, and iPad and Android were constantly generating buzz in the world of technology. The rest, as one might expect, is entertainment: Christopher Nolan’s hit movie Inception, the teen sensation Justin Bieber, and the omnipresent Harry Potter. Here’s the full top 10 list:
1. Gulf Oil Spill
2. FIFA World Cup
3. Inception
4. Haiti Earthquake
5. Vuvuzela
6. Apple iPad
7. Google Android
8. Justin Bieber
9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
10. Pulpo Paul
Check out Twitter’s microsite to see the top trends for the individual categories.”
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2010 in Review

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App Stores
By Richard MacManus / November 25, 2010 4:15 PM 
The Mobile Web has been a huge trend in 2010 and one 
output of that has been the emergence of app stores. 
It started of course with Apple’s App Store

The Rise of Tumblr, Posterous & Light Blogging
By Richard MacManus / November 24, 2010 7:47 PM  
One of the big themes of 2010 has been the increased 
simplicity of posting content to the Web. Whether it’s
Facebooking with your family, tweeting with your online 
buddies, or 

Growth of eBooks & eReaders
By Richard MacManus / November 21, 2010 7:15 PM
eBook sales almost doubled over 2010 and now make 
up 9% of total consumer book sales, according to 
the Association of American Publishers. This growth 
was fueled by intense competition

By Richard MacManus / November 18, 2010 7:20 PM 
2010 has been a watershed year for the next version 
of HTML, the markup language that all web pages 
are written in. The reason for the emerging 
popularity of HTML5

Content Farms
By Richard MacManus / November 17, 2010 7:30 PM 
The Web has always rewarded quantity more than 
quality, but over 2010 this truism became even 
more pronounced with the growth of Content 
Farms. These are companies which create

Poll: Best Social Shopping Products of 2010
By Richard MacManus / November 16, 2010 7:30 PM
Yesterday we published an overview of social 
shopping in 2010, one of the year’s top trends. 
Social shopping is a form of e-commerce in which 
you can share and access

Social Shopping
By Richard MacManus / November 15, 2010 10:00 PM 
In 2010, we’ve seen the rise of so-called “social 
shopping” services. They rely heavily on technologies 
such as social networking, crowdsourcing and smart 
phone scanners. Here we present five of